About Me

Expert advice for new & experienced property investors

Do you:

  • Want to build wealth for yourself, your future and your family?
  • Feel you’re not earning the income you want or need?
  • Dream of investing (or investing more successfully) in real estate—but need expert advice to move forward?

My name is Tony Miller.

I’m Ottawa’s Investor Focused Realtor. (Some people also call me “Mister Ottawa.”)

I help people like you build wealth, by sharing proven strategies and tools to invest in residential and commercial properties in and around the Ottawa area.

Minimize risk, maximize results…and build wealth!

As an Investor Focused Realtor, I won’t tell you that I will “buy your property if it doesn’t sell within X amount of days”, or “that I have 2000 qualified buyers ready to buy your property today.” I don’t use gimmicks to help investors buy and sell real estate. I’m not a transactional real estate agent who tries to pump out as many sales as possible.

Instead, I will use your why/goals, financial situation, and intestinal fortitude (aka risk tolerance) to determine the best investment strategies that will help you reach your goals. I will be honest and explain why the investment property you want to buy is a lousy investment. I will take the time that is necessary to explain that using economic fundamentals and understanding the real estate cycle are the foundations to sound real estate investing. I only work with a limited number of clients at a time and I will tell you if I am too busy for new clients. I will introduce you to the best Investor Focused Realtors in other markets if you choose to park your money elsewhere.

My objective is to make an impact by helping everyday real estate investors build wealth. Contact me today to get started.

I am a member or affiliated with the following real estate investing organizations:

More About Me

Tony Miller

  • Realtor & Service Provider in the Ottawa area: For Keyspire members; and a Preferred Realtor in Ottawa for Above the Brand and Investor on Fire
  • Investor: Successful investor who is familiar with a variety of strategies for investing in real estate (I’ve been in the trenches!)
  • Member: Real Estate Investment Network (REIN), and Ottawa Real Estate Investors Organization (OREIO)
  • Award Winner: I received the prestigious EXIT Realty Ambassador Award for 2015 for professionalism and ethics; and the 2017 Realtor of the Year and Top Player awards from the Real Estate Investment Network
  • Networker: I have a large national network including fellow investors, investor focused realtors, and mortgage specialists
  • Writer: I’m a regular contributor to Postmedia/Ottawa Sun, and have been featured in other media